Steve Steppe

Steve SteppeSteve Steppe
Managing Director
Role: Acquisitions and Client Relations
Location: San Francisco


Steve Steppe focuses on acquisitions and strategic client relationships, and chairs the Investment Committee for the Firm’s core and value-added business lines. Mr. Steppe was the founding member of Stockbridge’s core and value-added business lines, and served as Firm Co-Head from 2007 through 2015. During this time, Mr. Steppe led the growth of Stockbridge’s core and value business from inception to over $5 billion of assets under management. Mr. Steppe has more than 40 years of real estate industry experience. He was formerly Managing Partner and Chairman of RREEF North America, and an active member of all of the firm’s key North American investment committees and fund boards as well as its Global Securities Strategic Investment Committee and Global Investment Committee (RGIC). Mr. Steppe began his career in commercial real estate in 1972, and he joined RREEF in 1986 as a Partner responsible for acquisitions in the Western United States. In 1990, Mr. Steppe took over as head of RREEF’s Client Relations and Marketing Department and, for the remainder of his tenure, served as a member of the firm’s Investment and Policy Committees in North America. In April 2003, Mr. Steppe was named RREEF’s Managing Partner and oversaw strategic direction and management of the firm’s business throughout North America. Mr. Steppe is a former chairman of the Pension Real Estate Association (PREA). He is a graduate of the University of Arizona.

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