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Strategic Supply Chain Platform

The Strategic SCI Platform (the “Platform”) is a programmatic partnership with a top operator in the Supply Chain Infrastructure (“SCI”) sector. The Platform is currently comprised of outdoor storage facilities, equipment maintenance facilities, and truck terminals located in strategic supply chain markets across the U.S. The SCI sector exhibits strong fundamentals with robust tenant demand and minimal new supply driven by substantial barriers to entry. The sector outperforms traditional warehouse in rent growth and stability. Over the course of the third quarter, the Platform closed on nine additional acquisitions totaling $56.1 million and 203,872 square feet across 62.4 acres. Eight of the assets are currently 100% leased, with one asset slated to be developed into a Class-A truck yard within nine months of closing. As of quarter end on September 30, 2021, the Platform consists of 36 assets totaling 871,213 square feet across 451 acres in 13 strategic supply chain markets.