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Stockbridge is defined by a core set of principles that extends throughout our day-to-day operations to the long-standing relationships we’ve established.

All Stockbridge employees are committed to providing services of the highest quality while upholding our values and ethical standards.

Stockbridge - Our Approach


Stockbridge sustainability

Stockbridge proactively promotes and incorporates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in its investment processes as a responsible corporate citizen and manager and as a part of the firm’s fiduciary duty to its clients.

For Stockbridge, ESG factors and topics are a part of its best-practices approach to mitigate risks and provide a positive influence on its high standard of quality, performance, and value in its investment portfolio and business conduct. Additionally, the firm has established top-down oversight and leadership of its ESG program through a formal ESG Steering Committee and sub-committees, and robust policies and procedures. Stockbridge has committed to the following long-term ESG objectives:


  • Where applicable, evaluate efficiency improvement opportunities to reduce energy and water consumption, decrease carbon emissions, and improve waste diversion rates
  • As part of the firm’s portfolios’ business plans, the firm will evaluate Green Building Certification and ENERGY STAR Certification opportunities where applicable, to recognize high-performing buildings
  • In select portfolios, track and monitor all available energy, GHG emissions, water, and waste/recycling data
  • The following are reduction target goals certain portfolios have established to reduce consumption1:
    • 25% reduction in GHG emissions over 10 years (2.5% annually)
    • 25% reduction in energy consumption over 10 years (2.5% annually)
    • 15% reduction in water consumption over 10 years (1.5% annually)
    • 10% improvement in waste diversion rate over 10 years (1% annually)

1Reduction target goals are aligned with the Paris Accord goal of limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.


  • Engage the firm’s stakeholders through marketing materials, website, tenant correspondence, and various channels of communication, to provide transparency and solicit feedback
  • Regularly meet with tenants and clients to assess their needs and priorities
  • Promote the importance and provide ESG resources to third-party property managers and partners
  • Train and support Stockbridge employees on the firm’s ESG policies and maintain open communication
  • Foster a culture of accountability, performance, and diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engage responsible, reputable partners, managers, contractors, vendors, and other suppliers
  • Meet or exceed all applicable labor laws and standards in jurisdictions where the firm operates, including respecting human rights, offering competitive wages, and implementing nondiscriminatory hiring practices
  • Engage in philanthropic efforts at the corporate and property-level to engage with local communities and inspire outreach and volunteerism
  • Provide the firm’s vendors and service providers with ESG policies and procedures


  • Adhere to the firm’s governance policies such as the firm’s Code of Ethics, Investment Operations Policy, Risk Management Policy, Technology & Security Policy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy and implement procedures and training firm-wide
  • Incorporate ESG risk assessment into corporate and investment operations; that includes the assessment of material ESG factors into the investment analysis and decision-making process through thorough due diligence procedures
  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability on the firm’s ESG program and initiatives through regular reporting and disclosure
  • Monitor and comply with any applicable ESG related regulations

Stockbridge is committed to these ESG objectives and has integrated the objectives in its overall business strategy and investment management process. The firm conducts annual reviews of its performance against these objectives to ensure adherence and identify areas for improvement.